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Reignited - Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in a Changing Time


June 22 at 2:00PM IST

Reignited is an event that continues the dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

To support our vision, Reignited: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion is a talk that explores DE&I.

A panel of leading practitioners and industry experts join this conversation to examine how the work of advancing diversity and inclusion is evolving with the times.

During this virtual forum, we will seek to answer questions like:

  • How does a truly diverse workforce contribute in the neo normal universe that transgresses all boundaries?
  • How well does diversity and inclusion training work in a remote environment?
  • How do organizations ensure gender neutral conversations that serve the purpose of improving the work environment?
  • Policy Reforms for equal opportunities and mitigate unconscious bias
  • Hiring and operation policies to advance a diverse and inclusive human capital
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Reignited - Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in a Changing Time

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